It is our great privilege to welcome you to Kollari Institute of Music. We are thrilled that you have chosen to discover more about our school and begin your music lessons.

The start of a musical journey with Kollari provides a unique opportunity to learn from teachers that are both educators and performers. We take pride in empowering our students with critical thinking skills, opportunities for cognitive and social development, and of course, the ability to play music. At Kollari, we witness the benefits that music education has on our students daily. It is this very progress that drives us to lead an educative community in which each student flourishes.

No matter what your goals are — perhaps for your child to take music lessons as a fun and explorative activity, or perhaps to look ahead to university music programs — there is a place for you in our community to grow and achieve your full potential.

On behalf of our students, teachers, staff, alumni, and family, we welcome you to our music school and hope you enjoy and benefit from your visit to Kollari.

– Mimosa and Yevi Kollari, PhD