Martina Ortiz Luis

25 Apr 2017

At only 15 years old, Martina Ortiz Luis has become an accomplished singer and has earned herself notoriety on international stages!

As the full time anthem-singer for the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs, Martina is known local figure around the GTA. Her powerful range and charming personality has captivated fans across North America – her incredible talent setting the stage for one of our most cherished national traditions.

In fact, Martina is the first to own the title of resident vocalist for the Leafs. After receiving rave reviews across various social media channels and major media outlets, Martina has had a healthy dose of fame. Publications that have sung her praises include the following:

  • Toronto Star
  • Leafs Nation
  • The Toronto Sun
  • NBC Sports
  • CTV
  • City TV
  • CBC Television

From the beginnings of a musical adventure that began at the age of four, Martina’s career is already taking flight. From a role on the highly-acclaimed CNN Films documentary GIRL RISING, which was narrated by A-list stars like Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep, and Selena Gomez, She is already coming to be named among powerful female entertainment personalities in her industry. At our school, we especially love her for her social justice work in appealing for international support to provide education to disadvantaged girls all over the world, Martina’s heart and pride shine as brightly as her voice. 

In 2014, she wrote and recorded “The Spirit of Christmas” and went on a Canadian media tour across major national media outlets, as a spokesperson for child sponsorship, anti-child labor, related charities. She was also active in the production and execution of a music video for this song, including notable Canadian celebrities who accompany her as part of the video. In 2015, Martina hit the world stage, as she was chosen as a contestant on the Philippines version of the very popular TV series “The Voice”.  She made it all the way to the “sing-offs” and garnered a large social media following as a result of her notable performances in the show.

From her website’s bio:

“Martina was awarded with the Father Andrew Cuschieri Humanitarian Award by the Toronto Catholic District School Board for her work with World Vision and other charities. This is a great honour as this award is only given once every two years, with the Board having to choose from about 90,000 students.”

Currently, our Martina is preoccupied with songwriting, and has been collaborating with multi-platinum award-winning producer Rob Wells on some work that we can expect to hear later this year. She has also been investing time at the Dean Armstrong Acting Studios, and was a featured performer for the stage production of “Mary Poppins” in June 2016.

Here she is performing one of her popular covers in a studio alongside leading session players.

With a vocal presence that merges soul, r & b, and classic pop sensibilities, Martina Ortiz Luis is surely destined for great things, and we couldn’t be more proud to have her as an ambassador of the Kollari Institute of Music.